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ASIM PartnersASIM ResearchASIM Technology
COBRAT BALLOON CAMPAIGNClimate processesCollioure Summer School
Collioure Summer School/Abstract submissionCollioure Summer School/AccommodationCollioure Summer School/Committees
Collioure Summer School/ContactCollioure Summer School/Important DatesCollioure Summer School/News
Collioure Summer School/Registration and FeeCollioure Summer School/Scientific ProgrammeCollioure Summer School/Summer School Venue
Collioure Summer School/Travelling to CollioureCollioure summer schoolE-CANES
EUROSPRITEEUROSPRITE/20090810Earth's surface and the atmosphere
Effect on the Atmosphere and on the global electric circuitElectric Storms & ClimateEnvironmental conditions
EuroSpriteEuropsprite 2010
Europsprite 2011Europsprite 2012Eurosprite 2009
Eurosprite AllGLIMS 201212GLIMS 201213
GLIMS 201301GLIMS 201302GLIMS 201303
GLIMS 201304GLIMS 201305GLIMS 201306
GLIMS 201307GLIMS 201308GLIMS 201309
GLIMS 201310GLIMS 201311GLIMS 201401
GLIMS 201402GLIMS 201403GLIMS 201404
GLIMS 201405GLIMS 201406GLIMS Europe
Generation mechanisms for TLEs, TGFs, and runaway electron beamsGj-italy
ISSIInteractions of space processes with the atmosphereMain Page
Mission : BSO balloonsObservation/Eurosprite/Optical Video ImagingScientific payload
StatusTARANISTLEs and TGFs observations
TeamThe missionThe science
The scientific payloadThe teamTransfers of energy between the radiation belts and the Atmosphere
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