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DTUSpace participation (2003-2010)


From 2003, the National Space Institute / DTU Space (Denmark) participate in the Eurosprite observational campaigns by using optical instruments.

Several semi-automatic video observation facilities were installed in France and Spain.

- A system is located on the Pic du Midi in the French Pyrénées, it is operating from 2003 during the summers (blue).

- A system is located on the Puy de Dome in the French Auvergne, it is operating during the summer 2005 only (red).

- A system is located on the Monte Corona in the French Corsica, it is operating from 2007during the summers (green).

- A system is located on the Sierra Nevada in Spain, it is operating from november 2008 (yellow).

The position and range of detection is given on the figure beside.

The optical video camera systems include trigger software for automated optical event detection and are designed to be remotely controlled via the Internet. A main server located in Denmark at DTU Space serves as a gateway between both camera systems and the operators and is used to store the data.


A quick summary of the TLE captured so far is given in the table below with link to the data when available.

The second column in the table below contains links to summary information on events. The files have public access. The other columns contain the actual data. To access those, username and password are required. Please contact Olivier Chanrion and Torsten Neubert if you wish to get the data. It is required that we are invited as co-authors on papers using the data. We may want just to be mentioned in the acknowledgements if our contribution otherwise is marginal.

Public Summary

Pic du Midi

Puy de Dome





21/07 -> 19/09

06/07 -> 31/12
2005 Datasheet
EuroSprite2005-public.xls 53

01/01 -> 02/02

17/08 -> 31/12

2006 Datasheet
EuroSprite2006-public.xls 33

20/06 -> 31/12
2007 Datasheet
EuroSprite2007-public.xls 148

26/06 -> 08/11
2008 Datasheet
EuroSprite2008-public.xls 90

13/06 -> 05/12


09/07 -> 31/12

01/01 -> 23/02

Authorized observers willing to controll remotlely the system can read the manual : pdf or html and log to the interface webpage at :

The links are protected by username and password. Please contact Olivier Chanrion and Torsten Neubert if you wish to get access.

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