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The EuroSprite observational campaigns bring together a wide variety of instrumentation and many groups of scientists around the world to study  Transcient Luminous Events (TLE) and their effects on the mesosphere. The campaigns are run every summer since 2003, making observations over Europe. A non yet exhaustive list of instruments and participants can be found below.


Optical video imaging

France : Pic du Midi, Puy de Dome, Corsica - Description - Data

Torsten Neubert, Olivier Chanrion, and Ib Lundgaard Rasmussen

Danish Technical University - DTUSpace - Denmark

France : Pyrénées, Lannemezan, Clermont Ferrand, Mont Aigoual - Description - Data

Serge Soula - Oscar van der Velde

Laboratoire d'aérologie - Observatoire Midi Pyrénées - France

Spain : Pyrenees, Granada, Sant Vicenç de Castellet - Description - Data

Joan Montanya - Oscar van der Velde

Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya - Spain

Hungary : Sopron - Description- Data

Josef Bor - Gabriella Satori

Geodetic and Geophysical Research Institute, Sopron, Hungary.

Poland : Mount Śnieżka - Description - Data

Anna Odzimeck - Rafał Iwański

Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - Warszawa - Poland

Department of Physics and Astronomy - Leicester - United Kingdom

Italy : Monte Cimone - Description - Data

University of Bologna - Italy

Switzerland : Gais - Description - Data

Mark Vornhusen
Israel (ILAN Team): Tel Aviv, Mitzpe Ramon - Description - Data

Yoav Yair, Colin Price, Keren Mezuman, Lior Rubanenko, Vered Silverman, Israel Silber, Shy Halatzi, Raluca Rufu, Karina Pivnic

The Open University of Israel, Tel Aviv University

Radio observations

South Africa : VLF electromagnetic wave receiver at South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) - Description

Arthur Hughes and Andrew Collier

University of Natal (UN)

France : HF electromagnetic wave receivers at 3 locations and 1 Ionosonde - Description

Elisabeth Blanc and Thomas Farges

Commissariat Energie Atomique, Bruyere le Chatel, France

United Kingdom : LF electromagnetic wide-band receiver - Description

Martin Fullekrug

University of Bath - United Kingdom

Crete : VLF electromagnetic narrow-band receiver - Description

Christos Haldoupis and Agnes Mika

University of Crete

Umran Inan and Robert Marshall

Stanford University

Orleans - VLF electromagnetic wide-band wave receiver - Description

Michel Parrot and Francois Lefeuvre

CNRS/LPCE, Orléans

Umran Inan and Robert Marshall

Stanford University

Finland : ULF observations from Finland down to Crete - Description

Tilmann Bösinger

University of Oulu

Cristos Haldoupis and Agnes Mika

University of Crete

Hungary : Schumann resonance observations - Description

Gabriella Sátori and Jozef Bor

Geodetic and Geophysical Resesarch Institute, Sopron, Hungary

Israel: ULF/ELF (Mitzpe Ramon, Timna, Dead Sea), VLF (Sde Boker, Hermon) - Description

Colin Price, Yoav Yair, Gal Elhalel, Israel Silber, Eli Galanti

Tel Aviv University, Open University of Israel

Infrasound observations

France : Flers, St Just - Infrasound microphone - Description - Data

Thomas Farges - Elisabeth Blanc

Commissariat Energie Atomique, Bruyere le Chatel, France

Lightning Network - Radar imaging - Space observations

Southern France : Radar imaging of clouds - Description

Serge Soula

Observatoire Midi Pyrénées - Universite Paul Sabatier

Europe : Lightning data

Stephane Pedeboy - METEORAGE - Desciption - Data

Hans-Dieter Betz - LINET - Description - Data

Worldwide : DEMETER - Description - Data

Michel Parrot, LPCE/CNRS, Orleans.

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