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The Technical Consortium

Design and development of the ASIM payload is done by an international consortium:

  • Terma – Space, Herlev, Denmark
    • Project management
    • Lead on development of the optical cameras (MMIA)
    • Software
  • Damec, Odense, Denmark
    • ASIM main computer
    • Mechanical structure for instruments
    • Ground communication center (in Odense)
  • National Space Institute -DTU, Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Lead on development of the X- and gamma-ray sensor (MXGS)
    • Lead on payload mechanical design
    • Computer and software for the optical instruments (MMIA)
  • COM – DTU, Lyngby, Denmark
    • Image compression
  • FORCE, Technology, Brøndby, Denmark
    • Calibration of MXGS
  • Universidad de Valencia, Valencia, Spanien
    • MXGS mechanical structure
    • MXGS computer
  • Universitetet i Bergen, Norge
    • MXGS detector plane

The Scientific Team

The ASIM project is advised by a ”ASIM Facility Science Team” who include:

  • Torsten Neubert, National Space Institute - DTU (chairman)
  • Victor Reglero, Universidad de Valencia, Spain
  • Nikolai Østgaard, Universitetet i Bergen, Norway
  • Elisabeth Blanc, Commisariat à l’Énergie Atomique, France

Further consultations involve the "ASIM International Science Team". To date, the science team includes 80 research groups from 29 countries. In Denmark the following are members:

  • National Space Institute - Danish Technical University
  • Danish Meteorological Institute
  • Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
  • Aalborg University
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