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COBRAT: Coupled Observations from Balloon Related to ASIM and TARANIS

The goal of the COBRAT project is to develop balloon based multi-instrument gondolas for in situ and remote sensing measurements in the middle/upper stratosphere. The main scientific objective is the study of high energy phenomena occurring above active thunderstorm areas and their consequences for stratospheric chemistry.
The measurement campaigns are planned to be done in close conjunction with the TARANIS microsatellite and the ASIM International Space Station experiment. To achieve “long duration” flights above active thunderstorm areas, the new generation of BSO balloons currently developed by the French space agency (CNES) will be used.
The COBRAT data set will be completed by ground based measurements related to lightning activity, Transient Luminous Events and Terrestrial Gamma ray Flashes. The team will include people working on model and numerical simulation.

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